America -- it's the land of opportunity where anyone is welcome. This woman, though, doesn't quite agree with that.

In this video, a woman at IHOP goes off on a woman for speaking Spanish. She's not just upset about the fact the woman doesn't speak English, she's upset because, for reasons she doesn't quite explain, she fears it will lead to the return of Naziism.

The Spanish-speaking woman's son does his best to calmly deal with the woman, but she's not having any of it. She also doesn't do herself any favors by saying the mother should go back to Spain. When the son says she's not from Spain, she says, "Spanish is from Spain. I've been to Spain, so I know."

After listening to the son some more, she says:

You want the Russians over here telling you what to do? You want the Nazis telling you what to do? We want English. We don’t want the Nazis back We don’t want fascists back. We don’t want Castro back."

We're not sure how a woman with a foreign accent speaking Spanish in an IHOP is going to lead to the downfall of democracy, but clearly it's a major concern for this woman. She winds down the video talking about how "our freedom is important" and how the Nazis and fascists are here. If she's trying to make a valid point she probably should've found a different tactic.

What do you think? Do you think she had an argument or does she simply sound ignorant?

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