You've heard their voices on numerous cartoon shows and video games, but have you ever wondered what those voice actors looked like in real life? Some of the most popular voice artists in the business finally get their due, and some much-deserved face time, in a new documentary called 'I Know That Voice.'

The documentary features, among others, some of the men and women who voice some of the greatest characters from the world of animation.

From 'Futurama' stars John Di Maggio (who voices the drunk robot Bender and is also producing the documentary) and Billy West (Fry), to the amazing Tara Strong, whose voiced Bubbles from 'The Powerpuff Girls,' the doc is a "who's who" of squeaky-voiced greats. Check out the trailer below and put a face to the voice of the real people who give life to your favorite fictional characters.

Never imagined a guy like Tom Kenny was the voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants did you? While some argue there are many deserving voice actors missing from that trailer, the producers say they are still in production and promise "more quality interviews for our fans and supporters." Still, we're really looking forward to this film, due out next year, as it finally gives some unsung pop culture favorites their due.

[Via Comics Alliance]