Hey, did you know it's the Ides of March? If you had to read 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' in high school, you probably remember that this was not the best day ever for Caesar. Actually, it was his last (incidentally, "Ides" just means it's halfway through the month. Every month has an Ides, but a soothsayer only warned Caesar about one of them). There are five simple things you need to do in order to celebrate the Ides of March properly:

Watch 'Mean Girls.'


Eat a Caesar Salad.


Listen to this Spin Doctor's song (or not, we totally get it).

Have a Bloody Caesar


Try not to get stabbed by anybody, especially Adam Levine.


He wants to so bad.

Just avoid bloodthirsty Senates, and you should be golden! Happy Ides of March!