No matter how hot it is this summer, leaving your hose running with a dog outside might lead to additional headaches.

A recent viral TikTok video is showing the dangers dog owners face when leaving a hose running in the yard.

TikTok user House_of_Camille shared a video last week of her french bulldog giving the interior of her house a good soaking.

The video starts focused on two feet trudging through a puddle of water. It is later revealed that the dog pulled a running hose into the house through a nearby doggie door.

He walks around a couple times with the running hose still in his mouth before exiting the home. Moments later, he returns for a second round of water fun.

The initial video currently has more than 80 million views.

According to the bio on the TikTok account, four schnauzers and two frenchies live in the home.

A follow-up shows additional dogs from the house sloshing around in the living room puddle.

Maybe leaving a hose running in your yard when you have dogs isn't the best idea for your home.

According to an article from KAYU, you should also turn off your hose for the safety of your dog no matter how tempting it might be to give them a running sprinkler on hot summer days.

The article warns "the pressurized flow of the water puts them at risk of inhaling the water. This pressure means that both water and air are being pumped through the sprinkler or water sprayer... and your dog is taking in both."

The report states this could cause your dog to inhale the water from the hose and potentially develop aspiration pneumonia.

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