Author Koji Suzuki, the horror novelist behind the 'Ring' movies, has a new scary novel set to be published in America in an unusual way: it's entirely printed on rolls of toilet paper.

Traditional methods of reading are under threat now that technology has given rise to eBooks. The iPad and Amazon Kindle can store thousands of books on one device, and even make them more interactive than traditional books with animated illustrations and videos.

So getting people reading again the old-fashioned way by giving them something to read in the bathroom is a logical solution for keeping up with these fast-paced times.

The appropriately titled 'Drop' first hit the book store shelves in Japan in 2009. It sold around 300,000 copies at a cost of only 200 yen, or $2.52 per story. The idea came from the Hayashi Paper Co., who pitched the idea to the author. The author figured some would buy it just for the novelty without using it, while others will buy it for its intended purpose and still others could offer instant criticism if they so desired. That's also why each roll repeats the story every 86 centimeters so anyone can pick up the story while they are, uh, indisposed.

The story itself is, as Suzuki's regular readers would expect, is a horror story. It also couldn't be more perfect for its setting: it takes place in a bathroom.

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