The iPhone 7 is just so passe.

YouTuber nigahiga has come out with this amusing faux ad for the iPhone 8 -- or, more accurately iFhone 8 -- which highlights the absurdity of this ever-evolving (not always for good reason) piece of technology.

It features a quad camera, comes in a variety of black colors and is priced at a mind-bogglingly low $1. Of course, there's a catch and that catch is going to deplete your bank account faster than the time it takes to upgrade to iOS 10.

Wireless headphones, a trio of chargers that are only compatible with brand new MackBooks and the iLight are essential extras that start to add up before you'll take a hit with big ticket items like the iCellPhoneTower Mini and a human that you need to purchase because Siri is no longer available.

Yes, it's enough to make you lose your mind and contemplate going back to the days of rotary phones and visiting the library to learn things.

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