One the best, and most classic crime films of all time is Martin Scorsese’s 1990 'Goodfellas.' And Henry Hill, the real-life gangster played onscreen by Ray Liotta, has now passed away. 

Scorsese’s Oscar-winning movie was based on a non-fiction book called ‘Wiseguy,’ which follows Hill’s rise, and eventual fall, in the Lucchese crime family. The real life Mr. Hill has just passed away in Los Angeles, at the surprising old age of 69 (for a gangster), following a long illness. Even so, considering the volatile ride that was his life, he was probably thankful for every year he got.

This Italian-Irish Mafioso took part in all kinds of high profile heists while working for the Lucchese family. From his humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, Henry rose in the ranks of the underworld for more than 20 years, with several stints in jail, until he finally became a government witness against the mafia, in order to avoid more prison time.

Of course, testifying against organized crime probably isn’t the best choice you can make for health and longevity. Once you’ve said your piece, it’s time to hide. Henry was placed in the witness protection program for his safety, but was eventually kicked out because of his propensity for getting involved in drug crimes. After he was out in the open again, he made a new career for himself by going on talk shows, starting up a restaurant and even marketing his own brand of spaghetti sauce.

This just goes to show you that crime doesn’t… wait, in this case, it seems crime actually does pay.

Watch the trailer for 'Goodfellas' below.