Sometimes it takes someone you wouldn't expect to open your eyes.

A nine-year-old girl named Zianna Oliphant gave a tear-filled, impassioned speech while talking during a Charlotte City Council meeting on Monday.

It was the first meeting since protests erupted after the shooting death of Keith Scott by police last week.

Zianna says she was compelled to tell the city's leaders and citizens what she thought. "I was a little nervous, so I decided to just go up there and tell them how I feel," she told Zianna Oliphant, told NBC News Tuesday. "I was just feeling like what the police are doing to us, just because of our skin, is not right."

Zianna's brother also spoke at the meeting. Their mother, Precious Oliphant, said there were no plans for them to talk. Despite Zianna's pleas, their mother said police have a positive aspect on her children's live, taking part in a police youth league and often interact with officers.

"They are being a valuable aspect in their lives and being role models, they are teaching them responsibility, dedication and commitment," Oliphant said.