They say the customer is always right. Well, this customer was so right, he may actually be wrong.

Ben Edelman is an associate professor at Harvard Business School who slammed a Chinese restaurant that accidentally overcharged him $4 for a meal he ordered online.

As it turns out, the restaurant mistakenly listed out-of-date prices on its online menu. The restaurant, Sichuan Garden, admitted the error, but that was not nearly enough for Edelman who had a meltdown during an email exchange with Ran Duan, whose parents own the establishment.

Edelman goes on the offensive, asking he be refunded three times the amount of the overcharge and then tossed out the possibility of legal action. All over $4. And all the while Duan maintains his cool, although at one point he does write, "I apologize for the confusion, you seem like a smart man, But is this really worth your time?"

Good question. The whole matter has gotten quite a bit of publicity, especially on Twitter where Edelman comes out the big loser in the image department:

Edelman reported the incident to the town, but isn't certain if he'll proceed with more complaints. Ironically, he said the food was "delicious."

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