A teenager's western-style purse emblazoned with a handgun emblem on the front caught the attention of the Transportation Security Administration.

Vanessa Gibbs was detained at a Virginia airport because the handgun on her handbag was considered a "replica weapon." TSA officials ordered the pregnant teenager to either check the weaponized bag or turn it over to the authorities.

The detainment prevented her from catching her flight back home to Jacksonville and her airline put her on a flight to Orlando. Her mother, Tami Gibbs, was waiting for her at the Jacksonville International Airport and when her daughter didn't show up, she drove down to Orlando.

TSA refused to apologize for the detainment. They insist the handgun falls under the prohibited guidelines as a "replica weapon," even though you can't load the replica weapon with fake bullets or hold it like a traditional gun. It looks like the TSA is missing a bigger crime with this western style purse: a fashion felony.

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