How complicated can F1 racers be? After all, they're just cars that go really, really fast and have custom body work, right? Wrong. Here's a video from Sauber F1 Racing's Matt Morris showing us just how wrong we were.

Morris, the chief designer for the team, takes us on a guided tour of just how complicated the cars he and his crew build. It really gives you an appreciation of just how painstaking and difficult, not to mention expensive, it is to construct these cars, which have to be built from scratch, and the precision engineering that goes into them. They even recruited their driver, Sergio Perez, to demonstrate just how uncomfortable sitting in one of these things actually is.

What you might not realize is the precision engineering that went into this video. It took Morris and his team two years of their off-hours to carefully slice this car in two. Why? To show racing fans and the curious alike the engineering in more detail.

Here's our question: can he do the same thing to our Yugo? Mostly because we just really want to slice this thing in half.