Here's a fantastic spokesman for the negative affects of alcohol. Most dudes go out, have a few drinks and proceed to attempt to pick up women. This guy? He might have been going for a girl, but not necessarily the kind he should be...

At first glance, he's just a lonely guy who's fallen in love with his cat. But we assure you, he's just drunk. REALLY drunk. Check out what bard55 had to say regarding the contents of the video:

I came home, unbelievably intoxicated, I mean beyond drunk. I couldn't even, let's say, upload a video to Youtube. Then I walked upstairs and spotted in the hallway a video camera atop a tripod, pointed toward the floor. I had no choice. The only viable move was for me to start singing 'Kiss From a Rose' to my cat, who I am very clearly abusing physically. That's the basic gist of it, hope I managed to clear things up a bit."

Do we believe him? Not sure... it's kind of funnier to think he's just a guy who doesn't get out much and has immense affection towards his cat that can only be expressed via a Seal song from the 'Batman Forever' soundtrack.