Seriously, we don't know what people were expecting when they bought a frozen Guy Fieri brand frozen S'mores pizza, but apparently it wasn't cayenne pepper. Unfortunately, that's what they got. On the bright side, the people who bought this pizza, which is available at Walmart and Sam's Club, weren't afraid to write scathing, hilarious reviews online. 

It seems there are three main problem's with Guy Fieri's S'mores pizza. First, the marshmallows slide off during the cooking process and turn into sugar and egg-based incendiary bombs hellbent on destroying the cleanliness of whatever oven they happen to be in. Second, if you look at the recipe for this pizza on the Food Network's website, Doctor Fieri (that's right, he's a doctor now, maybe of Grossology) includes 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, divided between two pizzas. That's actually kind of a lot, especially for a dessert. And finally, it tastes really bad. So you end up with reviews like these:

You remember those ads in the back of comic books for pepper-flavored gum you could give out as a practical joke? I think this is Guy Fieri's version of that. This stuff is really, really, really, wish I could rate it less than one star, bad.


This pizza looked so good on the box, but it was awful!! We served it for a party and all 10 people that tried it began complaining of their mouths and throat burning as they ate it.


We purchased this product because it looked delicious on the box and had Guy Fieri's name on it. I can't believe he would put his name on this awful stuff! The actual product had barely any marshmallows. The marshmallows that were near the edges slid off and burned on the bottom of the oven. The taste was strange, and burned our throats (all 4 family members!). I don't recommend it at all!


I love chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows - in short, I love s'mores... but this was the worst - and I MEAN the WORST dessert ever. Everyone was right - it was soooo spicy. I WILL be bringing this back to Sam's Club for a full refund. It makes me so mad that Guy Fieri would ever allow people to eat something like this - I was sick from it. Did I mention it was spicy?


This is the worst thing I have ever bought. There was something very hot in it that burned our tongue and throat. We had to throw it away and I don't know what to do with the other one as they come 2 in a pack.


There's a lesson to be learned from all of this. It's actually a lesson you probably should have known by now: don't eat anything ever that is associated with Guy Fieri, unless you hate yourself, in which case go to town! We recommend the S'mores pizza.

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