Guy Fieri has been having a tough time with his new restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, which opened in New York's Times Square last November.

First the eatery was savaged in a New York Times' review. And just when folks were starting to forget about that, Fieri has made an unforced error which is sure to subject him to another round of ridicule.

He forgot to register the domain name Instead the bottle blond restaurateur went with (And no Guy, you don't pay extra for more letters.)

However, if you go to the actual domain, the prankster who purchased it has set up a spoof menu that has some fun with Fieri's aggressive brand of bro-food.

"Deep fried snake with a printed out picture of David Lee Roth stapled on to it and a sparkler sticking out of each eye. Served with a side of Bud Light you have to wring out of a Hawaiian shirt," is the description of the faux "Panamania" dish ($37.95)

It turns out the hilarious descriptions were all lifted from Twitter users who had been mocking Fieri menu items on the microblogging service. You can see all the crowd-sourced comedy below.

Fake Guy Fieri menu

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