Watching this guy fall out of his chair is bound to make you fall out of your chair laughing.

Speedy, a DJ with Hot 107.9, in Lafayette, La., took what turned out to be a hilarious spill out of a chair whole talking on the phone. See? You're already chuckling just thinking about it.

Speedy went outside to make a call, like so many of us have done. He found a seat and went to sit down in it. That was his big mistake, though. He fell backwards in a gut-busting, hilarity-making moment.

Don't feel badly for laughing, either -- he's fine. In fact, the worst part about this whole lightning quick episode is that it was caught on camera, which means the entire world can laugh at the blunder.

Physical comedy is always great -- whether it's the Three Stooges, Kramer from Seinfeld or Jim Carrey. We always laugh. Speedy just confirmed what we've already known, and for that we are grateful.

Now, can someone help us get back into our chair?