We don't know how this couple's first dance could possibly top the surprise the groom had in store for his bride.

Dancers Kirk Henning and Valerie Tellmann-Henning got married in July in Richmond, Va. and the reception was highlighted by Kirk's choreographed routine he put on with his groomsmen.

The dance lasted more than eight minutes and was set to a medley of songs and featured a variety of props. While Kirk and his cronies did their thing, Valerie sat in a chair and soaked it all in.

Valerie, who is a dancer with the Richmond Ballet, said Kirk's stunt was a surprise:

I told him early on in the wedding planning process, ‘Well, I hope you’re working on your groomsmen dance for me.' “But he was so busy with touring and school, he said, ‘Valerie, it’s just not going to happen.'"

But happen it did. Kirk started working on the routine in March, claiming, "I knew how important it was to her. So I figured, we’re going to do this or die trying.”

And if you're wondering, yes, some of the groomsmen are professional dancers -- four, to be exact.

Kirk certainly looked comfortable, which he should have. The reception took place at Richmond CenterStage, where he and Valerie have danced many times. As Valerie said, "We’ve danced on that stage together so many times; we thought it was a really unique place to get married. We wanted it to be like a ‘thank you’ to our guests for being the stars of our lives."

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