In this era when kids go to great lengths to get prom dates with celebs they ordinarily would never meet, it's kind of sweet to hear about one teen who got a date with someone much closer to him.

Austin Dennison, 19, took his 89-year-old great-grandmother to his prom at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio.

Delores Dennison, who never went to her prom because of money issues, said Austin never had any doubt about making her his date:

He was so sweet and adamant about it. I asked him, 'But are you sure that you wouldn't like to take one of the young ladies who could get out there and do everything with you?' He said no. 'I want you.'"

Austin certainly has no regrets about the big night. "It was my privilege to take her," he said.

He made it an evening Delores would never forget, too, taking her for a nice dinner at Bob Evans and even serenading her and giving her a necklace.

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