If you haven't seen 'The Dark Knight Rises,' you've probably seen one of its many trailers. And if you haven't gone to the theaters like millions of others... why not? Honestly, go check it out. It's fantastic. In any case, throughout the trailer a particular scene stands out, one in which the field of a football stadium is blown to pieces. It's one filled with emotion, shock and certainly awe... and we fans ate it up!

Well, anyone interested in buying a jersey of the fictional football team for which that stadium once stood is in luck. You can now get yourself (or a fellow Batman geek) a Gotham Rogues football jersey. Brought to us by the tight-fitting clothing company Under Armour, the Gotham Rogues athletic wear is perfect for any Batman fan, football fan or... Bane fan? There have to be some out there, right?

And it's not just jerseys that are for sale -- t-shirts, sweatshirts (in hooded and ever-so-fashionable non-hooded variety), hats and jackets are available as well. And girls, fear not, because there are awesome clothes at the site for you too!

And once you get the jacket or jersey, why not go out and see the movie again? You'll be the envy of all your fellow non-sports playing geeks.