While the rest of us fret the impending Mayan apocalypse on Dec. 21, Google is busy at work on what they say will be their "most awesome" Doodle ever. Because, you know, nothing makes the end of the world more tolerable than a nifty widget.

If humanity is about to end, Google CEO Larry Page wants the search engine to be there on the forefront. So, he instructed designers to "make Google the last page [people] see," giving the company "one last chance to serve them tracking cookies” at the same time.

While there's no specific information on what the Doodle will be like, Page says his designers have plenty end-of-days ideas to choose from, including killer comets, massive solar storms and Nibiru, a mythological rogue planet which some believe will collide with the Earth.

Page sees the Doodle as nothing less than Google's swan song. “We want to communicate to billions of people that this is the last day of human history, so maybe they should finally sign up for Google Plus,” he said.

And although the apocalypse will mean an end to Google, Page has no issue provided his competitors face the same fate. “As long as it also means the end of Apple and Microsoft, I’m fine with that,” he said.

Here's hoping the apocalypse waits long enough for us to see what Google has in store.