That glorious season is upon us again. The sweetest time of the year...Girl Scout Cookie time. It’s time to find those helpful little scouts and have them hook you up with the seasonal deliciousness that is probably one or two too many boxes of cookies.

But this year, the Girl Scouts are delighting us with more than just Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties -- they seem to be making some yummy and exciting changes. First of all, there is a tasty rumor of an upcoming partnership with Nestle to make Girl Scout Cookie flavored candy bars.

A photo of a seemingly Thin Mint flavored Crunch bar showed up on Reddit yesterday. There is no evidence of this anywhere else on the internet, but the packaging on the candy bar clearly says, “Limited Edition Cookie Flavors,” “Sales sample,” and has the Girl Scout logo. got the scoop that Thin Mints Crunch Bar is coming, but not until June.

The next great and brilliant thing the clever Girl Scouts have done is release an iPhone app. You can download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app and then use it to find Girl Scout cookies for sale near you. That way, when you get that craving that only a coconutty Samoa will satisfy, all you have to do is whip out your phone, triangulate your position and follow the app to the nearest sweets-selling scout.

Finally, don't forget Savannah Smiles, the new lemon-flavored cookie released to celebrate the Girl Scouts' 100th anniversary.

With this, the Girl Scouts domination is complete. Resistance is futile. The Girl Scouts will sell you cookies, and you’ll like it. (Love Girl Scout Cookies? Check out vintage Girl Scout photos and artwork.)

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