If you think socks that go missing are the most frustrating thing kids can lose, think again.

Khloe Russell, a five-year-old from Hemet, Calif., blew a safety pin out of her nose that had been jammed in it for six months, causing all sorts of medical problems.

While the pin was holed up in her honker, Khloe constantly had to blow her nose, according to her mother, Katelyn Powell:

About six months ago, her nose just started (running) out of this one side. Green, green, green constantly and it stunk."

Khloe was shuttled around from doctor to doctor (and a dentist) trying to figure out what was wrong. Everyone gave her antibiotics to stop what they thought was a sinus infection, but nothing worked.

Nothing worked that is, until last weekend when Khloe's uncle ordered her to blow her nose. Out came the safety pin, which was "Black and disintegrating...[it] measured about 1.5 inches long." (Of course, we have to wonder if she ever blew her nose in the six months this had been going on.)

In addition to the pin coming out, so did the truth. Khloe admitted it wound up in her nose while she was building a castle out of safety pins, which just sounds like a horribly unsafe way for a small child to pass the time.

Khloe is scheduled to go to the doctor to make sure she is okay now that her nose is pin-free.

As for her mom, what does she feel about all this? "Relief, beyond relief."