The legacy of a toddler whose life ended much too young lives on, thanks to a selfless act.

Olivia Swedberg, 3, of North Platte, Neb., recently died from brain cancer, but she has helped save the lives of two kids by donating her organs.

After Olivia passed away, her mother donated her liver to Lucas, a boy in Pittsburgh who needed it to save his life.

Lucas' mother says it was like destiny had a hand in the donation:

You look at those pictures and you look into (Olivia's) eyes and it's like her soul is coming -- and it takes a very strong person to step out of that and show love for somebody like our donor family did."

Lucas isn't the only child whose life is being made better by Olivia, either. Her family also donated her bowels to a boy who was born with intestines outside his stomach.

Olivia's mother, Lauressa, said while there is immeasurable pain in losing a child, it's made easier knowing her little girl is making a difference for others. "She is an amazing little girl and we will miss her so terribly, but I know that, I have renewed faith," she said. "I have seen God's hands work in this and how could I not move forward knowing what a miracle she was to these pleading, praying families."

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