Debbie Zamacona believes a ghost stole her resume. She even went so far as telling the police about this paper-swiping apparition. And that might not even be the strangest thing about the subsequent police report.

According to the 40-year-old, a ghost entered into her Winder, Ga. home on December 22. Once inside, the spook grabbed her resume, along with papers detailing her criminal history and a solitary blouse for good measure.

When police asked Zamacona the procedural question of how much the resume was worth she balked at first, explaining that she was "not good at math."

Then she proved how bad she was at crunching numbers by claiming her CV would be valued at $5,000. Oddly, she only put the worth of her criminal history at 10 bucks.

Zamacona explained to the cops that she has two ghosts in her life that could be capable of property crime. The first is the ghost of her dead mother, whom Zamacona says often visits her. The second is a "black spirit," who she claims sometimes follows her around.

So far neither ghost has been located for questioning.