Former president George H. W. Bush and teen phenom Justin Bieber may be worlds apart, but they share one thing in common -- a love of colorful socks. Still, that doesn't seem to make a "Belieber" of Bush, who dissed the singer during an interview with granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager on 'Today.'

Bush, who's recently been photographed wearing socks with outlandish designs, described himself as a "sock man." "Well, I like a colorful sock ... This is a modest pair here today," he said, referencing a pair of yellow argyles on his feet. "Subdued, you might say."

But when it came to recent style comparisons with Bieber, who also has a penchant for brightly-colored socks, Bush claimed to have no knowledge of the singer.

"Bieb? Is he a sock man? I don't know much about the Bieber. Never see him. I don't know what he does," he said. Bush even said that he "doesn't like" Bieber's hit single 'Baby.' Blasphemy!

It's okay, Mr. President. We know you're a closet Bieber fan deep down.