When we think of doughnuts, flavors such as sugar, jelly or custard come to mind. If we were to be particularly adventurous, we might venture into the realm of sprinkles or maybe even coconut. The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine, however, has trampled over expectations in their latest item which will be on the menu from this weekend - the lobster doughnut.

Leigh Kellis, the owner of The Holy Donut and a Portland native, told 'Living' that the inspiration for her inventive take on the fried snack came from her local area, "I’m taking the best of every bit of Maine, which is potatoes, deliciousness, fresh lobster, some herbs."

The king crustacean is a local speciality, and by incorporating it into a doughnut, Kellis has transformed the standard, sugary treat into a taste of home.

To make the lobster doughnuts, fresh lobster is garnished with butter and herbs, wrapped in Maine potato doughnut pastry and then deep fried. As Kellis describes it, imagine your traditional doughnut but with "a big chunk of lobster in the middle.” While that may not sound like everyone's default craving, Kellis assures us, “I’ve tried it and it’s incredible.”

The single mom has always been a doughnut lover, but when she set up her doughnut business two years ago she had no money and no culinary experience. Since then, through hard work, determination and, according to her, a bit of luck, she has gone from selling a dozen doughnuts a day to over 10,000 per week. On the weekends, doughnuts fly straight from the frying pan into customers' eager arms.

While the lobster doughnut may be Kellis' most unique invention to date, it is certainly not the first time she has strayed from the beaten track. Both bacon cheddar and wild Maine blueberry doughnuts are bestsellers for her, and while the shelves are decked with traditional favorites, flavors such as ginger, dark chocolate sea salt and sweet potato can also be found.

Kellis believes that people's love of doughnuts comes from an age-old nostalgia. "The doughnut has a nostalgic, emotional connection. So many people say ‘Oh these doughnuts remind me of my grandmother, it makes me feel comforted.’”

So if you're in the Portland area, be sure to head down to Holy Donuts to dunk a lobster doughnut in your coffee! Or maybe don't do that. Maybe have it with a frosty, cold beer instead.

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