It's been a while since we've heard from the Def Comedy Jam. But it looks like the urban joke makers are back, and this time they're focusing all their comedic skills on lazy cartoon cat Garfield.

Thanks to the folks at Upright Citizens Brigade ,we are able to present the 'Garfield Def Comedy Jam.' It's a unique extravagance of Garfield-related laughs that wasn't necessarily asked for but now exists.

"Garfield eats so much lasagna that when he goes to the liter box he [urinates] tomato sauce," jokes one of the comics. "I mean don’t you think?"

"He’s orange . .. and has black stripes," observes another. Yup, these jokes basically just write themselves.

While funny at first, we have to say the whole premise gets old after about two minutes. How Jim Davis has been able to coax 34 years of laughs out of the feline layabout is beyond us. Much respect to the venerable cartoonist.