G.I Joe has been selected the best toy of the last century, according to the people who voted online at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis’s webpage. The poll, which ranked the best toys for the last 100 years, was set up by staff at this fun museum in order to see which childhood plaything would come out on top.

All in all, 100 toys were selected to participate in the initial vote. The list was then narrowed down to the top 20. Hasbro’s G.I. Joe action figure series “blasted” away the competition, which makes a lot of sense, since “Joes” are typically well armed.

The Transformers, those alien robots that can turn into airplanes, cars, trucks and other modes of transportation, as well as a few household appliances, were another favorite among the fans. Barbie dolls, Lego building blocks and the View-Master (for looking at slides) also proved very popular with the online voting community.

With more than 24,000 votes coming in, lots of people were able to voice their opinion about the “coolest” toys ever made. Other items that did well in the survey include the Cabbage Patch Kids, Hot Wheels, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head and Play-Doh. While quite a few of these childhood favorites are gentle games and toys meant for little kids, it seems the action-oriented items, like G.I. Joe and the Transformers, were the ones that made the biggest impression on the kids and the grownups who voted in the museum’s poll.