The first theatrical trailer for 'G.I. Retaliation' really packed in the explosions. And while plenty of things blow up in the second trailer, which just hit the Web, we also learn a bit more about the plot of the sequel.

It turns out the president is actually (spoiler alert!) Zartan in disguise, and has used his Cobra army to kill and marginalize the Joes. But never fear, the ones that remain are hellbent on "retaliation," and will get it with the help of a mysterious old friend.

Yup, that would be Bruce Willis, who's on board this time around as retired general and "original Joe" Joe Colton.

The other big addition to the cast is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and his Roadblock character is also featured prominently in the second trailer.

As for those explosions,  it looks like London is going to get pretty roughed-up, just like Paris did in the first movie. Blowing up Europe is fun!

So are you looking forward to 'G.I. Joe Retaliation'? If so, is it because of the addition of Willis and The Rock?