Pinterest is a great way to organize and share things you're interested in. But what happens when someone's use of the service starts to border on obsession? Deborah S. Craig from the CW series 'Hart of Dixie' and The Blush shows us what happens in a hysterical video called 'Pinsanity!'

Craig steals a scarf while someone is wearing it, absconds with a cupcake that's about to be eaten and forcibly yanks earrings from a woman's ears. Then, she physically pins them to boards hanging in her living room. So that's what Pinterest would look like in the real world.

Things take a decidedly dark turn when Craig expresses an interest in a cute cat and a friend who's about to get married. You can probably guess what happens next, but we'll give you a hint -- it isn't pretty.

If anything, this video is a cautionary tale for people who Pin like crazy. Not that we have that problem. We swear.