Apparently, America is already great again.

The year 2016 is like a modern-day 1968 -- there's violence, strained relations with police, a deep divide across many lines and general dissension set against the backdrop of a pivotal presidential campaign that gets uglier by the day with many people wishing the madness would just stop.

Morale just feels low here, doesn't it? It's like the entire country is a Cleveland Browns fan. We need whatever the equivalent of a hug wrapped inside an ice cream sundae wrapped inside a puppy is.

That, as it turns out, is where our neighbors to the north, sweet as the syrup they scarf up at Tim Hortons, come in. A bunch of well-wishing Canadians told America to cheer up and reminded us how great we are in an attempt to boost our collective self-esteem.

Diversity. Openness. Giving. Accommodating. Land of opportunity. Those are just a handful of the glowing words and phrases that they used to describe this land of ours.

And why shouldn't Canada tell us how awesome we are? Considering how many people have threatened to leave the U.S. depending on who wins the presidential election, maybe our Canadian friends are simply trying to subconsciously recruit us up there to make Canada great again.

Hmm, with thinking like that maybe "cynical" should be one of the words they used, too.

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