Every movie fan remembers the first time they saw the awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex rear its ugly head and roar in their bemused faces in the first 'Jurassic Park'. Some new rehearsal footage revealed a much more playful side of the flesh eating beast on the set.

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts, the school named for the visual and makeup effects master who created the dinosaurs for Steven Spielberg's film, released some never-before-seen footage of the famed T-Rex playing around with crew members during set rehearsals.

The crew members passed the time in between shots of the famous scene outside the downed T-Rex pen by playing catch with it with huge chunks of movie Stryofoam. Basically he's just a giant puppy that can play fetch with you.

It also looks like one of the more easy going mechanical productions that Spielberg has helmed in his lifetime. The giant shark built by special effects maven Bob Matty for the 1975 summer epic 'Jaws' caused more than a few migraines during principal filming from mechanical problems to leaked photos of the beast in Time Magazine. According to a featurette on the film, Spielberg's friend George Lucas even had a hand in damaging the device when he accidentally broke its jaw while climbing in the shark's mouth.

However, any damage Lucas did to 'Star Wars' and the 'Indiana Jones' movies with his sequels were purely intentional.

[via Cinema Sentries]