Police in Florida recently shared a video of a woman being led off in handcuffs by officers as someone dressed as the Grinch danced in the background.

And it doesn't appear as though the woman was in on the gag, either.

Grinch Accompanies Police Department During Arrest

According to NBC2 in Fort Myers, 39-year-old Shana Hudson was charged with making a false police report after she reportedly told police Christmas gifts had been "stolen" from her home in Lehigh Acres.

The TV station had previously reported on Hudson's supposed missing presents and interviewed her at her home. Following the report, the station says "an anonymous tipster" called Crime Stoppers to say Hudson still had the gifts and was hiding them at a family member's home.

"When the deputies went to check on Monday evening, they found nearly all of the gifts that were reported as stolen," NBC2 reported.

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What the TV station's follow-up report doesn't show is someone dressed as the Grinch running behind officers as Hudson is walked to a squad car.

A video shared by the Lee County Sheriff's Office shows a different angle of the incident where the Grinch comes into the shot.

The video isn't the only part of the Facebook post that has people talking.

Sheriff Lashes Out At Mother Who Allegedly Filed False Report

In addition to the video, the office's also shared comments from Sheriff Carmine Marceno on Facebook.

The post begins with "riiiing riiiig. Hey Shana, Who-villed called, they want their Grinch back" before launching into the sheriff's strongly worded statement.

"This pathetic behavior is unacceptable especially given the circumstances this holiday season," Marceno said. "This woman took advantage of the system and is now paying the price for her selfish choices."

The post goes on to state how much everyone in the county "hates" a "liar." Comments on the video have since been deactivated.

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A story on the incident by News4 in Oklahoma City said the sheriff "mocks" the woman in the social media post.

"They sent the Grinch to help take her into custody – then posted the video to social media," KFOR said in its article covering the arrest.

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