Nearly two years after Steven Slater's epic freak-out in which he rode an emergency chute to freedom after an altercation with a passenger, another flight attendant has allegedly gone off the deep end.

During a delayed flight on Monday at New York's LaGuardia Airport, American Eagle attendant Jose Serrano was caught on tape yelling at passengers. According to reports, the flight was delayed from takeoff for five hours due to bad weather, and Serrano became incensed after passengers started to complain.

"It was getting worse and worse," said one passenger. "The more people spoke up, the more he was getting angry at us and getting crazy."

In fact, Serrano actually became so frustrated that he used profanity. He was also heard bellowing, "We will not hear anything once we close the door...Otherwise, you're going to have to fly with Jose," he said.

Tensions got so high that cops were eventually called, but no arrests were made. Parent company American Airlines said that some passengers were threatening and abusive to Serrano, but they admit that the flight attendant's behavior wasn't warranted. They're currently investigating the incident.

Whose side are you on?

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