South African lesbian couple Kally and Samantha Mabe enrolled their young son in a private Christian school because they were expecting tolerance and open-mindedness. What they got was anything but.

Instead, the pastor of Secunda Highveld Christian School described the married couple's relationship as "problematic" and demanded that they divorce or their son, who's now five, would face expulsion. He also argued that the couple hid their homosexuality.

But the Mabes claim they've been open about their same-sex relationship from the start. "We told the principal and our son’s class teacher," Kally said. "I filled in my details under the section in the form that asks for the mother’s details and Sam filled in the area that said 'Father/Guardian,' but also filled in her title as 'Mrs.'"

"We enrolled our son in a Christian school because they are supposed to teach love, acceptance and forgiveness," said Samantha. "Yet the school teaches hypocrisy."

Since discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation is illegal in South Africa, the Mabes plan to fight the school's ultimatum in court.

What do you think? Does the school have a right to make such demands or is this a clear-cut case of prejudice?

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