Who doesn't love Bo, the Obama family's loveable First Dog? Ever since the Obama family were given the dog as a gift, Bo has been a reliable source of fun in the White House. And this time, it looks like he's pulled the old "video bomb" trick by darting through a filmed segment on the White House lawn.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a rare breed as it is, so we understand why it was up to Bo to try and get some air time on behalf of his brethren. Watch as Bo makes a sly dash across the White House lawn without the Argentinian TV presenter even knowing about it.

Nice move Bo! Too bad it still didn't guarantee the 'First Dog' anymore screen time when it came time for the interview with President Obama. But knowing how many interviews the president does, Bo still has many more opportunities to video-bomb and attain internet glory.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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