"Call Me Maybe" is one of those songs that will essentially not go away until the summer ends. So we might as well enjoy all the ridiculous versions of it out there. Like this one, performed by a German comedian!

This is Alex, a German comedian, and it's a part of his "English Song Translation" series, where he takes American pop and sees what happens when it's rendered in his native tongue. Also to show off what a good singer he is, since he keeps time and "Call Me Maybe" is not a slow number.

It's worth noting that this is a literal translation of the song. We're laughing because it's a song we know in a language we don't. Germans are laughing because Alex is basically running the German language through a wood chipper. If you translate some of the YouTube comments...well...let's say it's almost as funny.

The really troubling thing about this video is that it confirms how insanely catchy this song is. Even in German, possibly the raspiest language that has ever been invented, it still clings to your head like a barnacle. Seriously, listen to that video and count how many times you think he's clearing his throat. It should not be this catchy!