There's something unmistakably mesmerizing about seeing childhood photos of celebrities.

Maybe it's the fact that some actors look remarkably similar to how they did as children, while others look like they could be two entirely different people. Maybe it's because, sometimes, you feel like you can catch the sparkle of stardom and charisma in a future movie star's eyes. Then there's the fascination of seeing snippets of a celebrity's life we may not have been privy to. Or it's because seeing celebrities as children is humanizing: Hollywood's most important players loom larger than life, but they, like us, were once awkward youngsters with bad hair days (remember those questionable bowl cuts?), braces, and scraped knees.

We've Watched Them Grow Up

Whatever the reason, there's no shortage of photographs of some of the most beloved movie stars as children before they reached the red carpet. You might recognize some of them because their careers began in their youth: You've watched them grow up. Others found fame later in life but still possess a kind of early star power, a glimpse of a face about to become familiar.

Natalie Portman
Patrick CAMBOULIVE/Sygma via Getty Images

Stacker compiled throwback photos of world-famous actors as children using Getty Images. How many stars can you guess from these nostalgic images? Put your facial recognition skills and celebrity knowledge to the test.

LOOK: Can you guess the world-famous actor from a childhood photo?

Stacker used Getty Images to compile photos of beloved actors from when they were children. How many can you guess from their childhood picture alone?

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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