Reaction to Apple's newest phone proves people are not in iPhone 7th heaven.

People are up in arms that the iPhone 7 does not have a headphone, so College Humor to get in on the uproar with this fake ad that calls out Apple for the update downdate.

The spot starts out simply enough, touting the company's long history of innovation before it devolves into a NSFW (for language) glimpse at how it may have messed up and reminding consumers that constantly creating new, groundbreaking products is not easy.

It then goes on to let everyone know that Apple is making other useless products, too, including iPad Backs, the iPod Brickle and the Apple Watch.

If you're one of the legion of folks who don't understand why the headphone jack has been eliminated from the new iPhone, this faux ad is definitely going to speak to you and remind you that maybe Apple isn't quite ready to take over the world.

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