What. A. Jerk.

A man in Monroe, Mich. handed over a fake $50 bill to a girl running a lemonade stand she had set up to help raise money to fight Alzheimer's disease. The incident happened earlier this month.

The suspect didn't actually donate money to 8-year-old Maya Leachman. Instead, he pulled up on a bicycle and gave her a note saying he was deaf and wanted to swap his $50 bill for smaller bills.

Maya and her mother didn't notice the bill was phony until the end of the day, so they called police. One officer said, "It was the lowest of the low. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get him.” The police also plan to collect money for Maya, as well, after this incident.

You can also donate to Maya, who had raised a total of $1,151.88 (but it should've been $1,201.88). The loss certainly was a learning experience for her. “I was upset my child had to see that side of humanity,” said her mother. “It’s just sad that you have to teach your child that you can’t trust everybody."

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