Back when Facebook was just about college students and the recently graduated it was great for getting back in touch with high school friends that you had lost contact with for a few years. But now that everybody and their grandmother is on the social network, the reunions Facebook enables have started to become really impressive.

The latest and perhaps greatest of these stories comes from Bosnia. Sisters Tanija Delic, 88, and Hedija Talic, 82, were separated 72 years ago thanks to World War II. Talic had been lost in the carnage and ended up growing up in an orphanage.

"After the war, people were telling me all kinds of things," Talic explained. "Some were saying that my family was killed, others that they moved to the US. I lost any hope that I would see any of them again."

Recently Talic's son began searching online for his mom's long-lost relatives. Lo and behold he came across Delic, Talic's older sister, on Facebook. It turns out she was still living in Bosnia, only 130 miles away from where Talic was located.

Next up is finding their brother, who was also separated during the war. If he happens to have a social media presence expect another happy reunion.