Usually when Facebook draws the ire of the collective internet it's because it's made a change to its format. But this time it's one of the social network giant's TV commercials that has the Web firing off a barrage of negative comments.

The spot is for Facebook's new Home phone feature. In the ad, a man uses Home on an airplane, which brings his Facebook photos to life, eventually prompting the flight attendant to tell him to turn his phone off.

Like many commercials, the ad isn't meant to be taken literally. But, even while suspending disbelief, a general consensus has developed around the ad being really, really dumb.

Since comments have been disabled on the YouTube version of the ad, disgruntled viewers have taken to the Facebook page for Facebook Mobile to voice their displeasure. Here is a sampling of criticism:

Facebook home

You can watch the ad below. Do you think it deserves all the derision?

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