In December, Dave Vitali was going to see his daughter when he got into a serious accident.He flipped his pickup truck, and hung upside down and bleeding with his only comfort being that his trusty dog Max was by his side and okay. Unfortunately, when the ambulances came the sirens scared the golden retriever, and Max ran away

While Vitali recovered from his injuries, he had a huge hole in his (metaphorical) heart, knowing his beloved pet was lost in a strange state. David was en route from Georgia to Michigan, and the accident occurred in Plymouth, Indiana. He alerted the local media in Plymouth, hoping that somebody had seen Max, but nothing came of it.

Fast forward a couple months. A woman named Ann Miller found an adorable, well-behaved golden retriever in a shelter in Galveston, Indiana, 50 miles south of where the crash occurred. She adopted the dog and posted a picture of her new pet on her Facebook page.

Not long after she did she got a message under the photo stating, "I think that's the dog that was missing from Plymouth, Indiana, in an accident."

Not wanting to take somebody else's dog, Miller and her friends researched the details of the accident online. They were able to find contact info for one of Vitali's friends, and after a few text messages and picture exchanges the match was made.

This week Vitali drove from Georgia to Indiana to retrieve his furry friend. According to Miller, Vitali called the reunion a "dream come true." Thanks, Facebook, for doing something other than sharing bad memes and pictures of brunch cocktails for once!

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