There is nothing worse than a story about a nine-year-old dying of cancer. The best we can hope for out of one is something like this -- overwhelming humanity from strangers in the face of tragedy.

Nine-year-old soccer fan Jens Pascal Schmidt had a brain tumor, and his dying wish was for a gravestone with the logo of his favorite team Borussia Dortmund. His parents tried to accommodate their son's wish when he did pass away, but their plans quickly hit a snag.

The Catholic churchyard in which Jens was buried doesn't allow any non-Christian elements, and decided to classify a soccer logo as such.

The dispute became national news in Germany and other supporters of Borussia Dortmund took to social media to demand the church reverse its position.

The Facebook page 'The Last Wish of Jens Pascal' was formed and quickly had over 140,000 followers and ten of thousands of angry messages directed at the church.

It was enough to convince the church to reach a compromise. The gravestone could be erected, but the soccer ball logo would be toward the ground rather than on the top as had been planned.

"Now he will get his stone," reads a message on the Facebook page which pushed the church to reconsider. "Even if it is a bit different than planned, he will get it and can at last rest in peace."

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