A lot of people record their children being born, but not quite like this.

Using a GoPro camera attached to his head, Troy Dickerson, of Rosenberg, Texas, recorded his wife being in labor and delivering their baby -- even as he sped down the highway at 95 miles an hour en route to the hospital.

The incident occurred late last month.

Dickerson's wife, Kristin, was two weeks overdue when she went into labor and they raced to a Houston hospital on mostly empty streets after midnight.

The video captures the intense experience, with Kristin shouting, "I can't make it!" Ironically, she was due to be induced the next day.

Kristin eventually delivered a son in the parking lot while standing up, just as a team of nurses came out to help.

“I’m thrilled to have the footage,” Kristin said. "I’m more hesitant to send it to people, because it’s such an intimate moment for us, but as a birth educator, it’s really cool to let people see that our bodies know what to do.”

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