The beginning of the school year is upon us. If you want to jump to the head of the class and bring home a report card loaded with As, you may want to sit up, pay attention and follow these tips.

We hate to burst your bubble, but the time-honored all-night study session is not the way to go. Fortunately, you don't need an all-night study session to come up with better ways to improve your GPA.

For starters, it's wise to break up your studying into smaller periods of time because it helps create a routine while feeding info to your brain, which is better when it comes to remembering things like not just when the War of 1812 was fought, but why it was fought.

That's just one of the many pieces of advice that you may be surprised to learn, along with the fact that highlighting your notes and passages in books isn't necessarily the smart thing to do (if we could, we'd highlight that for you. Hey, look we did!).

Now, go be a good student and start working toward acing that mid-term that will hopefully help you land a scholarship to Harvard.

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