When it comes to showy stage moves, nothing's greater (and more ill-advised) than a stage dive. This awesome video from our pals at Loudwire collects ten of the craziest, gnarliest and most epic stage dives in rock history. Some are more impressive than others, for sure, but they're all very rock 'n roll.

The video begins with Eddie Vedder's leap from a TV camera crane while Pearl Jam plays during the 1992 PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands. As the crane swings over the crowd, Vedder pauses a moment, then dives headfirst into a surging mass of sweaty fans.

Iggy Pop makes an appearance too as he performs his last stage dive at Carnegie Hall in 2010. The legendary musician doesn't dive so much as he falls into the crowd. But, hey, cut the guy a break, wouldja? He's in his sixties after all.

Still, nothing even comes close to the number one stage dive on the video list -- an absolutely insane 68 foot leap that has to be seen to be believed. Who is behind the leap? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Whatever your opinion of stage dives, you've got to give credit to these rockers. To pull something off like this, it definitely takes nerves of steel and extreme faith in fans to catch you. That, and a really hard head.