UPDATE: Popeye's (the restaurant, not the sailor man) has given the contestant $10,000 worth of, you guessed it, "chickennnnnnnn!"

If you've ever watched Family Feud, it's not a huge shock or surprise to see a terrible answer to a question. Lots of the survey questions are open to interpretation which can lead to some really bizarre responses. But this particular Family Feud answer fail out of Canada feels a whole lot -- different.

The tiebreaker question asked on this episode of Family Feud seemed to be a simple one.

"What is Popeye's favorite food?"

Eve from the DuBois family confidently presses the buzzer and even more confidently answers:


... and follows that answer with the ultra-confident and all-new 'Popeye's favorite food is chicken' dance. One HUGE problem though: that answer is so wrong.

OK Boomer. We get it, Popeye is a generational comic/cartoon and maybe Eve is just a little too young to know about the sailor man. But it was that confidence and the invention of the 2020 chicken dance reboot that makes this clip even more delicious than an actual Popeye's chicken sandwich.

One last thing that is bugging us though. Out of 100 people surveyed in Canada, only 54 of them knew that Popeye's favorite food was spinach? Hey Eve, turns out you're not alone doing that chicken dance.

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