It's an age-old question (and probably the cause of more than one marital argument): Which way should toilet paper rolls be oriented? This is serious business, people. So serious that even engineers have gotten involved. This infographic covers everything from the history of toilet paper to the physics involved in how it's hung and the pros and cons of each.

Among other things, the graphic tells us that the average American spends 30 minutes per year just looking for the end of a toilet paper roll, translating to $300 million per year in lost productivity, and the toilet paper debate has a page on Wikipedia that's twice as long as the one for the Iraq War.

They avoid taking a side in the over/under war, of course, because that's not what engineers do. They just present the facts. What you do with them is up to you.

The full graphic is below -- click to embiggen.

Toilet Paper Infographic

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