One of the funniest holiday movies is 'Elf,' starring Will Ferrell, whose beloved character of Buddy won over the hearts of audiences everywhere. Now, Buddy the Elf is a veritable pop-culture icon, especially around the holidays.

However, while there have been other spoofs of Ferrell's beloved character, this New Yorker's commitment to bringing Buddy to life takes the cake!

Last yeasr, this man donned the Elf costume and ran around Midtown, Manhattan re-enacting scenes from the movie to the delight and bemusement of New Yorkers and tourists.

Now he's back, and ready to spread more holiday cheer! He wanders the city just as Ferrell did, and keeps shoppers giggling about his apparent inability to use an escalator. He also interacts with a shopper buying perfume and prances around in delight using the revolving doors at one of the Big Apple's stores.

One of our favorite things about the video is how spot-on his mannerisms are to Will Ferrell. Whoever this guy is, he's got great acting chops and an eye for detail. We give his performance two thumbs up!

Watch Buddy the Elf's first outing below.

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