Laverne wanted to celebrate her 80th birthday by getting a video of her doing something death-defying. And that's exactly what she got.
However, Laverne's skydiving video almost became a tragedy after she slipped out of the harness connected to her parachute just after she and her instructor took the big plunge.

The entire video goes from inspiring to very scary in a matter of seconds. At first, as she's preparing to board the plane, she appears very happy and raring to go. She tells her camerman Mike that skydiving was her idea and that she had been wanting to do it "for at least 10 years."

However, when she prepares to exit the plane, she seems to get cold feet. She tries steadying herself and appears to be stopping herself from jumping by bracing her arms against the inside of the door of the plane. Eventually, she gets the courage to push herself and her instructor out and that's when the unthinkable happens.

The video below might be shocking to some viewers. It also contains a song with some uncensored words that may be NSFW.

Thankfully, her instructor and Mike who caught the whole frightening moment on tape managed to steady her long enough so they could open her parachute and return her safely to the ground. She also did not appear to have sustained any serious injuries, at least not any physical ones.

On the other hand, she'll probably never skydive again.

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